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IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix: Watson Conversation Java Integration

This post is again a part of the series to create a chat bot using IBM Bluemix, Watson Conversation, Java and for chat client window, Facebook. Till now we have cloned the project successfully in eclipse, http://mytechthinking.in/2017/06/13/ibm-bluemix-cloning-source-code-from-git/. Now we will see how to integrate a Java application to Watson Conversation and also how to create dialogues in …

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix : Cloning source code from Git

In the previous post, http://mytechthinking.in/2017/06/07/starting-with-ibm-bluemix-with-liberty-for-java-and-watson/  I explained about how to start with IBM Bluemix and creating a Java web app on bluemix using Liberty for Java and also connecting it with Watson Conversation. Now to start with creating a chatbot we need to clone the source code from Git for programming locally. We can program …