Must have Google Chrome extensions

1. 1Password


As the name says, 1Password extension is password management software for the browser. 1Password makes easy to memorize the countless password. It can generate password, secure and remembers it for you. You can log in, enter credit card details and fill registration forms automatically with this. Click to install.

2.  Flash Video Downloader

Flash video downloader

Flash Video downloader is one click downloading extension for chrome. Download videos, GIFs from any website on run. However, it has restrictions for youtube as chrome store doesn’t allow to download from youtube. Click to install.

3. Search by Image (by Google)

Search by image

Search by image chrome extension by google offers an easy way to search image on google. It adds and search button when you hover on any image. Just clicking on the button will show the search results for that image.Click to install.

4. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

Google dictionary another easy to use extension by google. Once installed, double clicking on any word will pop-up definition. Click on the extension to access the full dictionary. You can also save a list of words you look up for future reference. Click to install.

5. Google Quick Scroll

Google quick scroll

Google something, and you got results but when you open the link and again you are searching for the content. Google quick scroll ease up the task by showing up the pop-up and link to the searched text block.So, no more using ctrl+f to find again. Click to install.

6. Pic2Pixlr


Pic2Pixlr is must extension if you love to edit photos. It opens any online image to image editor at pixlr.com and also it’s a free online image tool. So you can add effects and edit the image on the go. Click to install.

7. MakkhiChoose


Shopping lover should try this extension. Makkhichoose shows the price of the same product on other shopping sites so that you can get the best deal.Click to install.

8. Tatkal Ticket Now

Tatkal Ticket Now

Tatkal ticket now is another extension from MakkhiChoose developers. If you have tried booking tatkal ticket you know how much every single second matters. Tatkal ticket now tries to save your time by filling up travelers details automatically and also login in automatically on time. Click to install.

9. Web Of Trust (WOT)

Web of trust

This one is my favorite. Surfing web, searching for something.Clicked few websites but does not know whether to trust the content or not, here comes web of trust handy.WOT shows the rating of the website on different paramters collected by different users. A must have extension for web surfers.  Click to install

10. AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus

Simple words about this extension. It blocks annoying ads from the website. It works for various types of ads even youtube video ads.Click to install.

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